Sector Strategies: 

  • Strengthen inter-sector collaboration (cross sector and inter country), to address common challenges related to the long-term strategy.
  •  Empower refugees to enable community management of water and sanitation, ensuring safe and clean communities.
  • Ensure the parity of systems and facilities with international (Sphere) standards and local EH
    standards where appropriate.
  • Build relationships with Thai authorities, Thai communities, NGOs and refugees to establish
    frameworks and policies in line with Thai border strategies on environmental management, potentially including a watershed master plan.



ARC are working WASH in the following camps:

Umpiem Mai


Ban Don Yang

Mae La


IRC are working in WASH in the following camps

Ban Mai Nai Soi

Ban Mai Surin

Tham Hin


Malteser International work in WASH in the following camps: 

Mae La Oon

Mae Ra Ma Luang