Sector Objectives

Active refugee communities experience their camp management as an accountable, inclusive and capacitated self-governance system that adheres to humanitarian principles ensures access to justice and involves them in planning for solutions.

Sector Strategies

  • Capacity building on good governance and democratic processes.
  • Efficient, transparent and sustainable delivery of services in camps on the basis of principles of impartiality, accountability, good community governance and participation by the refugees.
  • Promote the rights of persons with specific needs and under-represented groups, ensuring their equitable access to services, including justice.
  • Develop skills and knowledge relevant for successful return, resettlement and (re)-integration.
  • Support refugees to lead their own preparedness planning within a ‘framework’ for solutions.
  • Plan for camp consolidation when the level of departures warrants.

Handicap  International work in Camp Management in the following camps: 

Umpiem Mai




IRC work in Camp Management in the following camps: 

Ban Mai Nai Soi

Ban Mae Surin

Mae La

Umpiem Mai