Information Sharing was identified as being a gap in services during a workshop held in 2012 about repatriation. In response to this need CCSDPT is working with UNHCR and the refugee committees to implement information sharing mechanisms in nine refugee camps along the border. UNHCR have launched an online cross border web portal and are responsible for collecting and verifying information so that it is fit for sharing. CCSDPT and the refugee committees are working in each camp to train refugees and set up information sharing centres and sharing mechanisms. The Information Sharing Centre (ISC) in each camp will allow a two way mechanism for accessing and sharing information which can be trusted and which will help refugees make informed and confident decisions about their futures.   

The terms of reference and guidelines are working documents and have developed and changed over the last 12 months. Please find the latest versions below in English, Karen and Burmese

Terms of Reference -  English   /  Karen   /   Burmese

Guidelines -  English  /  Karen  /  Burmese

Please follow the links to read the updates about the Information Sharing Centres:


Monitoring and Evaluation Report - March 2016