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The Border Consortium (TBC)                                                                                                                          

Bangkok Office                        

Address : 12/5 Convent Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

Tel : +66 (0)2 238 5027                  

Fax : +66 (0)2 266 5376                  

Email :  tbc@theborderconsortium.org

Website: http://theborderconsortium.org

Executive Director: Ms. Sally Thompson

Email: sally@theborderconsortium.org 

Started Working with Displaced Burmese:    March 1984

Sector(s) of Work: Food, Nutrition, Livelihoods, Shelter, Camp Management, Displacement Research

Work Locations:    

Mae Hong Son Province; Site 1 & 2, Mae La Oon, Mae Ra Ma Luang

Tak Province; MaeLa, Umpiem Mai, NuPo

Kanchanaburi Province; Ban Don Yang

Ratchaburi Province; Tham Hin

Funding Sources: About 40 Donors. Over 90% of funding is from the Governments of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Taiwan and USA, plus the European Union (ECHO).

Mission: The Border Consortium (TBC), a non-profit, non-governmental organisation, is an alliance of partners working together with displaced and conflict-affected people of Myanmar/Burma to address humanitarian needs and to support community driven solutions in pursuit of peace and development.

Vision: TBC envisions a peaceful Myanmar/Burma where there is full respect for human rights, diversity is embraced, and communities are able to prosper.

Values: Partnership, Empowerment, Reliability, Justice and Equity, Dignity and Respect.

TBC endeavours to comply with the:

  • Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and Non-governmental Organisations in Disaster Relief (1994)
  • Core Principles Developed by the Interagency Standing Committee Task Force on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Humanitarian Crises (2002)
  • Committee for Coordination of Services to Displaced Persons in Thailand (CCSDPT) Inter-agency Code of Conduct (2008)


Strategic Directions


Displaced persons and local communities are supported to advocate and prepare for a voluntary, safe, dignified return and sustainable reintegration in South East Burma/Myanmar when conditions are conducive. 

Economic & Social Development  

Prioritising women and marginalised groups, support displaced and conflict-affected communities to re-establish sustainable livelihoods through skills enhancement, social capital development and the creation of economic opportunities.   

Humanitarian Support

Humanitarian assistance is targeted to the most vulnerable and supports household capacities and strategies that contribute to food security and shelter. 

Participation & Governance

Accountable and inclusive programme, governance and reconciliation processes are strengthened through increasing community leadership capacities, promoting civil society engagement and ensuring community participation. 

Organisational Development

TBC’s organisational resources and structure in Thailand and Burma/Myanmar respond to the shifting and expanding programme directions. 


Bangkok Office                        

Address        :   12/5 Convent Road, Silom,

                        Bangkok 10500             

Telephone    :   +66 (0)2 238 5027                  

Fax              :   +66 (0)2 266 5376                  

Email           :   tbc@theborderconsortium.org



Mae Hong Son Office   

Address        :   43/5 Panklaw Rd.,

                        Amphur Muang,

                        Mae Hong Son 58000

Telephone    :   +66 (0)53 614 127

Fax              :   +66 (0)53 614 298

Email           :    tbcmhs@theborderconsortium.org


Mae Saraing Office                                                                  

Address        :   164 Moo 12, Bankat,

                        Mae Sariang,

                        Mae Hong Son 58110

Tel/Fax         :   +66 (0)53 681 134

Email           :  tbcmsr@theborderconsortium.org


Mae Sot Office            

Address        :   11/22 Soi Ruamrang, Moo Ban Naifun

                         Intarakeeree Road

                         Mae Sot, Tak 63110

Telephone    :   +66 (0)55 534 254

Tel/Fax        :  +66 (0)55 546 806

Email           :   tbcmst@theborderconsortium.org


Umphang Office

Address        :   798/1 Moo 1,  T. Umphang

                         A. Umphang, Tak 63170

Telephone    :   +66 (0)55 561 465

Fax             :  +66 (0)55 561 460

Email           :   tbcupg@theborderconsortium.org