Shanti Volunteer Association (SVA)

Address : Maesot Office - 810/3 Intarakhiree Rd, Mae Sot, Tak, 63110 



Acting Director: Ms. Jiraporn Rawirung


Started Working with Displaced Burmese: September 2000

Sector(s) of Work: Education

Work Locations: 7 refugees camps and along Thai Burma border communities

Funding Sources: Private Donors

Mission Statement: SVA is a Japanese non-governmental organization (NGO) for international cooperation in the fields of education and culture, to develop children’s values, attitudes and knowledge based on their rights to education and cultural inheritance, primarily targeting “children under difficult condition” through “reading promotion programs”.

Goal: Reading promotion activities become one of important approaches in future educational programs at various levels in the border area including Myanmar (Burma) refugee camp.

Objectives: Reading promotion activities and cultural activities are extended among educational programs at major levels in collaboration with Karen Refugee Committee Education Entity/Office of Camp Education Entity



1) Karen Refugee Committee Education Entity and Office of Camp Education Entity increase collaboration to the community library management.

2) Capacity of Camp Based Organizations and Camp Based Staff are strengthened to assist reading promotion activities in the community libraries and schools.

SVA photo2.jpg

3) Cultural and traditional activities are organized collaborating with Camp Based Organizations, Camp Based Staff and schools in the camps.

4) Library facilities (include books materials, buildings) are well maintained to serve for library users and schools.

5) Mobile library service is regularly utilized in educational facilities including schools.

6) Original Karen and Burmese books and educational materials are published with Book Publication Committee based on the community needs each year.

7) Reading promotion for nursery and primary schools are expanded in collaboration with Sikha Asia Foundation for Thai villages along the border areas.