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Dare Network

Address : P.O Box 47, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand 58110

Tel : +66 (0) 5362 1090

Fax : +66 (0) 5362 1076

Email : drugfree@darenetwork.com

Website : www.darenetwork.com

Chairperson: Dr. Jaroon Jittiwutikarn MD.

Drungfree Director: Ms. Pam Rogers

 HR & training: Ms. Sivalee Kasemsilpa

Ruammit Foundation for Youth and Children

Drug & Alcohol Recovery & Education Network


DARE Network is a grassroots national NGO. DARE Network provides culturally appropriate non-medical treatment and prevention education to reduce substance abuse and associated societal problems within the communities of the displaced ethnic people from Burma, along the Thai-Burma border.

Name of Organization :  RUAM MIT Foundation for Youth and Children

Year Started Working with Displaced Burmese : 2000

Sector(s) of Work  : Community-based Addiction Services

Work Locations with Displaced Burmese :

  • Mae Hong Son Province:  Ban Kwai/Ban Tractor, Ban Mae Surin, Mae Ra Oon, Mae Ra Ma Luang;
  • Tak Province: Mae Sot, Maela, Umpium Mai , Nupoe
  • Kanchanaburi Province:  Ban Don Yan
  • Ratchaburi Province: Tham Hin

Funding Sources : Canada Fund for Burmese Refugees, Refugees International Japan, UNHCR, IRC, Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, Private Donations.

Ruammit Foundation for Youth and Children DARE Network, a grassroots localorganization is community based, built by its owncommunities to serve the addiction needs of the people.  Ruammit DARE is in a unique position to meet these needs as it is the only organization providing comprehensive addiction services to the displaced people of Burma on the Thai/Burma border.  Although supported by International Donors, Ruammit DARE is operated by local people.

Our priorities to strengthen communities, change attitudes and beliefs through education and to create a cohesive and wide-spread, accessible challenge to addiction throughout the displaced communities from Burma represents a way in which these diverse groups can work together to build healthy communities in mind, body and spirit.